Curse of the degree

3 years of hard work have passed by and I now find myself struggling to understand what went wrong.

I graduated in October and have been freelancing for a small marketing company. The job’s fun and extremely convenient; unfortunately it’s not paying the bills.

My job search has been anything but easy. I started off applying to film studios in London. Ambitious perhaps, but I’ve studied film for 3 years, why shouldn’t I be considered for an entry-level position.

Turns out you need additional experience in one-way or another. I used to think I had done a variety of jobs. My background includes customer service, sales, administration and production. It would seem I am still missing something to get that chance within the industry.

If I cannot find a graduate job during my year of being a graduate how am I ever supposed to catch a break within the industry years down the line?

I’ve started to panic about money lately and found myself looking for local jobs, doing administration (something that will pay the bills while I look for a more creative job.)

I found myself feeling smug as I read through the job specifications, having spent a previous two years in an admin role. How wrong I was.

Now that I have a degree, the employers that do take the time to phone me want to know why I’m not pursuing that. Why would I want to work in admin when I have spent 3 years studying? I’ve found that the degree I was proud to have on my CV is now being used against me, as the employers inform me they cannot hire me, as they do not think I will stay in the company for the long run.

That is quite an assumption to make. I do not have my life plan written out. I don’t know what it is I want to do in the future- I’m only 23! If I enjoy the job and work with a nice team, why wouldn’t I want to stay there?

Yes, films and writing are my passion, however they are also things I can pursue in my own time.

You just don’t get prepared for the ‘real world’ at university. They make you believe your degree is all that matters and the rest will fall into place by itself.

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. I did a 7-month unpaid internship with a creative media company and absolutely nothing came of it.

I don’t know if it is just the Media industry, but I honestly feel I could have spent those 3 years studying doing unpaid internships instead of racking up £21,000 worth of student loans for a degree that is now being used against me.

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