L&D’s Gone Digital… Or Has It?

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Working in Marketing gives you the opportunity to be exposed to an array of industries and sectors. Every new job is almost like starting all over again because in order to be able to market for an industry, you must understand it.

I recently joined a tech startup called Looop, which offers a user-friendly alternative to the LMS (Learning Management System). The world of learning and L&D was brand new to me, so I saw it as my next adventure. Of course  I’d had exposure to L&D in my previous jobs; but as a worker, not as the ‘teacher’.

I’ve always thought of learning on the job as a chore and something that’s never been quite beneficial to my job or what I actually want to know. My experiences involved being put in a room with a computer and doing an online compliance course for a couple of hours, or being taken away from my desk for an hour to sit through a generic classroom course.

I recently attended CIPD’s Learning and Development Show and was excited to find out all about how L&D professionals are utilising digital and transforming the ‘norms’ of learning. Unfortunately, I found most of the talks involved the same generic content and introducing digital tools such as video to make it more engaging. It left me feeling quite defeated; I know L&D has the ability to become so much more engaging and valuable than it’s currently perceived.

The digital skills I have gained in the past two years have been through learning on the job and using the Internet to find the tutorials and resources I require. Never have I ever learned anything I didn’t already know through a course.

Working at Looop has shown me an online learning tool that filters through the ‘fluff’ and tells me what I need to know does actually exist. When I first saw the platform I was shocked at how many e-learning platforms still haven’t caught up to offer what Looop does. I’ve spent hours going back and forth on Google and YouTube in the past, looking for resources relevant to my job. If only there had been a platform such as Looop that had all of those answers in one place, and were relevant to my role and tasks.

I’ve been working at Looop for almost three months now, and having seen Ben (co-founder of Looop) and David (Chief Learning Strategist) speak to our customers about the platform, the feedback and passion our customers have speaks volumes. David has been in the L&D industry for a number of years and even he dreaded being the face of e-learning at previous companies, because he and everyone he worked with found the e-learning tedious and patronising.

Looop has transformed the ‘stigma’ that e-learning seems to have; poor engagement rates and uninspiring content. I’m proud to say I work for a forward-thinking company that is committed to transforming the industry and helping workers like me be able to do their jobs better and faster.

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